Toosii Drops New Single, “Keeper”.

“Keeper” is Toosii’s first single of 2022. If the rest of his music is as genuine and hypnotic as this one, he is set up for a great rest of the year. A gratitude expressing track that celebrates finding your “Keeper” and growing old together. Even referencing Uncle Phill and Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. A tender yet blistering sound with realism and humor that are represented in his music. This song reminds the listener that the 22-year-old Syracuse-born, Raleigh-based artist is indeed a “Keeper” in the music industry. An ever-evolving, ever surprising artist who grinds like he still has something to prove. 

Boslen Joins Forces With Y2K For New Single “Fallen Star”

Boslen’s new Single, “Fallen Star” gives listener a taste of what is yet to come. Boslen provides a great deal of storytelling as his vocals and harmonies pair well with Y2K’s cascading 808s. “Fallen Star” is an uplifting single that provides emotional storytelling that is portrayed as an origin story for Boslen, as listeners await his upcoming album, “GONZO”, expected to release sometime this year.

Trapland Pat Is Sharing the Wisdom He’s Learned In His New Video, “Losses.”

We love to see artists reflect on their days of going through the so-called storm. With his own fair share of losses, Trapland Pat naturally names his newest single, “Losses”. In fact, coming up, his football dreams came to a screeching halt in high school when his scholarship to Indiana State was revoked. After football, Trapland Pat pivoted his way into music and found success. The Deerfield Beach, FL native has the realest advice on how to turn your Ls into Ws in his newest song, “Losses”.

Chris Gotti | Mogul Now Indie Artist Revolutionary

careers of several industry heavy-hitters. He has been the catapult for success for Ashanti, his brother Irv Gotti, and several others. As Co-Founder and current Vice President of Murder Inc. records, Chris Gotti has disrupted both the music and technology spaces. Gotti is a seasoned industry veteran with the ability to change the lives of artists.

Johnny Lugautti Poppin In New Hit With Snap Dogg

nsboro, North Carolina, Johnny Lugautti is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite rockstar. With a larger-than-life stage presence and brutally melodic flow, he is no stranger to creating all-out bangers.  Preceding ‘We Poppin,’ summer brought a string of harmonic trap hits including, ‘Dream’ and ‘Extra Slutty’.