Michael Aristotle Re-Introduces The World To Zone 6 With “DEKALB”

Michael Aristotle Re-Introduces The World To Zone 6 With “DEKALB”

“He got em some Js, he serving the jays, he eating at JJ’s” A long-time Eastside musical force has “come back home” to give us a journey through the place that made him the stand-out artist he is today: Georgia’s Dekalb County.

If Donald Glover was still filming his hit show ATLANTA, I am confident this album would have had several placements throughout the seasons. Michael and executive producer Wili Hendrix position themselves ready to bring a new sound to Atlanta. 

Michael gives us a full range of rap on a 14 hit tracklist, which makes this album an enjoyable journey to listen to. Stones and Money N’ Da Way are the immediate standout bangers. Get Em’ In gives us a good 90’s Freaknik vibe. System is an introspective track where you can feel Michael taking in his home environment and how its affected his current path. He knows how to serenade a shawty with “Put that phone on DND, you getting dick in Decatur” on his sleeper RnB joint “Sleepless in Decatur”.

We get a track for the stoners with “Blazy Susan”. He also recently shared on social media that he wrote Kinfolk + Paranoid a month after his mother’s passing. 

He also invited some music standouts and Eastside legends to drop a verse including: Da Kidd Half, Andy Z6, Ben Reilly, Will Hill, WARA, Sauvi DuVin, Tyler Royale, and HQ Jonez. 

This is not the gimmicky Atlanta sound that get all over hyped on the radio. This is what real Atlanta sounds like and you need to hear this.

Watch the album trailer for DEKALB below and check out Michael Aristotle newest masterpiece on all major streaming platforms now!

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