Hurri Haran’s “Beyoncé” On Track To Be NYC’s Song of The Summer.

Hurri Haran’s “Beyoncé” On Track To Be NYC’s Song of The Summer.

Could Hurri Harán’s “Beyoncé” become a potential summer anthem? This track captures the essence of a New York City summer, blending various songs and sounds you’d hear at a party.

The music video also sets the vibe for what type of energy this song brings. It feels like a good time.

Hurri Harán, a native of New York, draws inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson and Rayvn Lenae. After six years of making music, he has finally discovered a sound he’s eager to share with the world.

His latest release, “Beyoncé,” serves as his introduction to a new audience referencing the iconic singer in its lyrics.

The song’s catchy hook and infectious energy have already captivated audiences.

It bears similarities to Capella Gray’s “Gyalis,” another summer anthem, and potentially someone I see Hurri working with in the future. While it’s still early, “Beyoncé” has shown promising signs of success, with over 20k views on YouTube within a month of its release and several live performances in the city.

Check out the official visual for “Beyoncé” below.

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