Jordan Official Is An Artist To Watch After His Newest Project ‘Lottery Pick, Vol. 2’

Jordan Official Is An Artist To Watch After His Newest Project ‘Lottery Pick, Vol. 2’

Jordan Official is one of the hottest underrated rappers in the game right now. The Arizona rapper, recently released his newest project ‘Lottery Pick, Vol. 2’. Not only is the project fire, but so is the cover art. The cover is a call back to the legendary video game, “NBA Street Vol. 2”. The cover isn’t the only basketball reference, ‘Lottery Pick, Vol. 2’ is full of basketball references as Jordan showcases his smooth flow over even smoother instrumentals.

The project is a follow up to ‘Lottery Pick, Vol. 1’. With that being said, Jordan draws some similarities to Big Sean as far as flows go, but adds his own flare. The heavy bass mixed with tempo changes throughout the project allows for Jordan to shine in his own light. He provides a sound unique to himself.

Some of the best songs on the project are; “AZ’s Finest”, “Playin’ Games”, and “Emotional Tapout”. Each song providing its own vibe, thus adding diversity to the sound of the project.

“AZ’s Finest” opens up sampling “My Heart Is Empty Without You” by The Supremes and transitions smoothly to a violin led instrumental. “AZ’s Finest” is all about letting the listener know who the best rapper in Arizona is in a nonchalant way.

While both “AZ’s Finest” and “Playin’ Games” showcases Jordan’s ability to let his presence know through hard hitting bars, “Emotional Tapout” does the same thing, but in a unique way.

“Emotional Tapout” takes the listener through Jordan’s tough times emotionally. His storytelling ability shines as he acknowledges the emotional drain the everyday grind can have on a hustler. The track is all about staying strong and staying focused, even referring to himself as his own competition. This is a song for the hustlers and everyday grinders trying to level up everyday.

Overall, this is an Arizona staple. ‘Lottery Pick, Vol. 2’ provides a sound that the state of Arizona desperately needs for it’s rap scene. Be on the lookout for Jordan Official especially if the Lottery Pick Series continues.

‘Lottery Pick, Vol. 2’ Available Here

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