JELEEL! Creates His Own Genre OF Cool With REAL RAW!

JELEEL! Creates His Own Genre OF Cool With REAL RAW!

If you’ve never seen or heard of the sensation coming out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, named JELERL, let me put you on. One minute he’s screaming his signature ad-lib “JELEEELLL YEAH!” Next, you can see him backflipping off of a stage banister at one of his many sold-out mosh pit like shows. Rarely ever wearing a shirt and flexing all muscles; rocking a crazy Cheshire grin and giving full energy with every performance.

JELEEL! doesn’t give rap music; he doesn’t give rock music. He gives “cool rage” music.

I first got hip to JELEEL! with his music video RIDE THE WAVE! that he released in Lagos back in January. Not only was he showcasing the Nigerian rage scene (yes, they have one), I found out that he already had an international influence.

About The Album:

This is JELEEL’s debut album and he came in SWINGING! Majority of the songs are 1:30-2:30 minutes long so you can seamlessly take in the relentless upbeat energy he delivers on each track.

Denzel Curry, Chow Lee and Ty $ are the album’s featured guests. His vibe is perfect for those drunk nights riding round with the homies or great workout music. My stand out tracks are THOR!, JUMP JUMP! and MAN OF THE YEAR!

If you are looking a new wave of music, JELEEL! is a great artist to start with. As Will Ferrell said, “It’s provocative; it gets the people going!” Watch the music video for CONFETTI out now and check out REAL RAW! on all major platforms now!

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