NYC artist, 4KPHIL,Unveils Self Produced Single, “Johnson & Johnson”

NYC artist, 4KPHIL,Unveils Self Produced Single, “Johnson & Johnson”

4KPHIL is a poet-turned-rapper who unveils his self-produced single, “Johnson & Johnson”. In addition to self-producing his newest single, he also wrote and recorded it himself. The single is inspired by his newly born baby boy. Therefore, the song it named after the infamous baby product line. “Johnson & Johnson” is the third single off of his upcoming project set for August 2023.

The easy-listening and head-knocking track is driven by 4KPHIL‘s dexterous flow and authentic storytelling abilities. Behind the great storytelling is also a well produced track led by a distinct use of horns. The laid-back instrumental provides a sense of motivation and new beginnings.

“As a kid, I would wake up to classic rappers like Nas, LL Cool J, and Wu-Tang Clan blasting from my father’s boombox.”


4KPHIL‘s father’s boombox seems to have influenced him to the fullest. His lyrics and storytelling showcase similarities to those of Nas and J.Cole. Everything from his rhyming patterns and cadences provide a sound similar J.Cole, Omen, or almost any other Dreamville artist for that matter.

What helps separate 4KPHIL from other rappers, is his ability to produce his own tracks. When listening to “Johnson & Johnson” the Wu-Tang inspiration is clear throughout the instrumental.

4KPHIL is a true hip-hop head and master of his craft. His ability to produce, write, and record the single himself showcases just how dedicated he is. “Johnson & Johnson” is a motivating single that represents new beginnings. 4KPHIL is an artist every hip-hop head should have on their radar.

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