Vanessa Tha Finessa’s New Single Is “Top Notch”

Vanessa Tha Finessa’s New Single Is “Top Notch”

Vanessa Tha Finessa is here to stay in the music industry with her new single “Top Notch.” It’s a unique blend of pop, rap, and Afro beats that makes it stand out amongst other songs. Top Notch is off of Vanessa’s upcoming Debut EP, “CURRENT,” which looks set to be a refreshing summer soundtrack.

Having had a successful modeling career, Vanessa is now making her mark in the music industry with her slick songwriting and catchy beats. Her single “Top Notch” has all the makings of an Insecure Soundtrack classic – it’s got that airy summer vibe and strong hip-hop influence.

It’s clear Vanessa has finessed her way into the music industry, and Top Notch perfectly showcases her talents. She creates a unique sound that combines all her influences, making it feel fresh and exciting. With her Debut EP “CURRENT” set for release soon, now is the time to get on board with Vanessa Tha Finessa. Her music is Top Notch!

Whether it’s hip hop, pop, or R&B, this type of music allows girls to express themselves in ways they can’t with words. Making it the perfect backdrop for expressing yourself and having fun.

The feeling of being “top-notch” is something that every girl wants to experience; it gives them a sense of confidence that no one else can take away. “Top Notch Girls So Fine So Lovely” provides that burst of energy every dancer needs to go out there and shine!


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