Chavo & Pi’erre Bourne Collab For New Project ‘Chavo’s World 3’

Chavo & Pi’erre Bourne Collab For New Project ‘Chavo’s World 3’

The Boston-born rapper, Chavo, is no stranger to collaborating with Pi’erre Bourne. ‘Chavo’s World 3’ follows ‘Chavo’s World 2’ which is also fully produced by Pi’erre Bourne. Chavo is boasting a deadpan delivery and an affinity for life’s most luxurious experiences. The 17-track project dives deep into Chavo’s life. The album is reflecting on his days in the trap to the road to fame.

Chavo serves up a in-your face flexes and threats to his opps all while staying cool,calm, and collected.

‘Chavo’s World 3’ serves as an audible trailer to Chavo’s past, present, and future. Each track seamlessly blends into the next with a musical synergy constantly felt between Chavo and Pi’erre. Chavo’s laid back delivery matches well with Pi’erre’s dreamlike production.

With that being said, ‘Chavo’s World 3’ consist of bangers such as; “Call On Me”, “HEY!”, “IDWTFNLWU”, and “Procedure”, just to name a few.

‘Chavo’s World 3’ Available Here

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