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ThatGuyVeezy’s Hiatus is Over and He’s Back for Blood

ThatGuyVeezy’s Hiatus is Over and He’s Back for Blood

The last time we were able to experience a cut from Atlanta’s ThatGuyVeezy was over a year ago. A few weeks ago, I ran into him at an Atlanta 404 Day event hosted by Creatives After Dark, a creative agency he closely works with.

I specifically told Veezy when we spoke, “I’m on yo head all year until you drop.” And I can proudly say he didn’t disappoint me. So first, let’s talk about the star single “Rizzie McGuire”. A more of an groovy rap perfect for the upcoming summer kickbacks.

Next, he gave us a “two-pack” EP named “Stahp Playinn”. With both tracks Deal With It and Something Interlude featuring Atlanta R&B artist tilde.

Veezy is venting his frustrations and getting his feelings off his chest. To our surprise also, Veezy has recently just got the nod from the legendary Timbaland by being able to play those songs on his IG live.

I am so excited for the bangers that Veezy is planning on dropping this year and I hope hearing these new tracks will get you guys just as pumped.

If you’re ready to go ahead and become a fan of ThatGuyVeezy now, check his new single “Rizzie McGuire” and his two-pack “Stahp Playinn” out now on all major platforms.

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