Upcoming NYC Artist Young Prototype Releases New Single “Movie”

Upcoming NYC Artist Young Prototype Releases New Single “Movie”

Rising artist Young Prototype has been producing songs from an early age, and he has produced songs for popular NYC drill artists such as Jen Carter, Kyle Richh, Shemmy, Blockwork, TaTa, and Miah Kenzo.

The New York native who is signed to 86 Records Label, has released his latest single, “Movie,” along with visuals.

This track continues YP’s streak as one of the hottest young superstars coming out of the City. This release follows up”Ayo Chxno” from February.

Unlike other rappers, YP is different because he is an artist and engineers his songs.

The song refers to anyone throwing shots at him, old friends, and new enemies he has made since his rise to fame. The visuals by support the energy of YP’s aggressive tone. NYC-rapper Gorilla Nems is also seen with YP and his friends as they show their sturdy dance moves.

With 32 bars straight and little room to breathe, YP hits the gas with the visuals and lyrical flow. Regarding the drill scene, no artists can only produce and engineer their songs like YP. He is constant and dedicated to shining a new light on the drill scene.

Already established as a top-tier engineer and producer, having worked with some of the biggest names in the music scene, YP now looks to solidify himself as a top-solo act in his own right. The single “MOVIE” is another perfect showing!

Listen to “Movie” here 

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