Houston Rapper, DeeBaby aka The “Mexican Kevin Gates” Releases New Album ‘Junkie Mode’

Houston Rapper, DeeBaby aka The “Mexican Kevin Gates” Releases New Album ‘Junkie Mode’

Rapper DeeBaby is Houston’s freshest name on the scene. The Texas native is a hispanic rapper signed to Black Diamond Entertainment. DeeBaby is processing his trauma through a soulful baritone that speaks directly to the streets. Therefor, DeeBaby is unafraid to be vulnerable, inviting listeners into his colorful world. As a result, ‘Junkie Mode’ is a collection of raw melodic Texas rap tunes that immerses listeners into DeeBaby’s mind.

DeeBaby compares his need to create to a junkie’s need to get a fix. Similarly, his need to create is most definitely on full display with the project consisting of 26 tracks.

The album is home to singles such as; “Junkie Mode- Intro”, “Anymore”, and “Bank Statements & Deposits”.

DeeBaby drenches in most of the tracks with a layer of emotional crooning in a effortless melodic method that immerses the listener into his storytelling. His skills and lowkey demeanor are well represented in “Never Gon’ End”.

Since his breakout single, “Marz” in 2021, DeeBaby has not looked back. Along the way, he has earned the respect of his city. With each release, he talks about real life experiences and uses music as an outlet to express his emotions and tell his story. Creating music is a therapeutic form of art for DeeBaby, which results his relatability.

Stream “Junkie Mode” Here.

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