Introducing R&B DUO CHANNEL 7 And Everything You Need to Know About Them. (Full Interview Out Now)

Channel Seven is an R&B duo made up of two individual artists Marz and Coop, who met at an open mic and quickly hit it off. The two combine their powers to create something beautiful in the form of Channel Seven– they are bringing multiple frequencies through their music, as 7 is the lucky number that symbolizes completion.

Marz hails from Minnesota, while Coop has his roots in Chicago. Joining the military was the only thing that kept him out of trouble, although there were still a few mishaps along the way. Yet it’s this combination of backgrounds and experiences that make up Channel Seven creating R&B music with a romantic flair.

They have found something special in each other, and it’s coming through their music as they continue to bring something new and unique to R&B fans everywhere. This couple has found success in not only their relationship, but also with their musical ambitions, creating an incomparable sound that will charm any listener. Through their music, they are creating something beautiful and inspiring – the perfect R&B couple. Their music is a reminder that love is still alive and vibrant in the R&B world. With Channel Seven you can always expect to be uplifted and inspired with their unique sound. It’s no wonder why fans keep coming back for more. Tune in, and be ready to experience something truly special. Channel Seven is here to stay!

Check out their music video to their latest single below and also catch our interview with the RNB duo.

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