Millswaschosen Releases His Debut Album ‘What It’s Worth’

The Inland Empire artist Millswaschosen releases his debut album ‘What It’s Worth’. It comes packed with 11 songs, which are all produced by Myles Martin. On this album, Millswaschosen provides an insight into his life.

He proves he is a great storyteller by illustrating; what it’s like to be a girl dad, his love for his fiance, his work ethic, and how hard he works in the industry.

The Inland Empire is used to having talent. They already have Grammy winner Hit-Boy and two time champion Kawhi Leonard on their team. The next one in line for stardom is Millswaschosen.

His brother inspired him to make music, and since then, he has been running it up. He continuously releases projects that showcase his versatility and passion, including ‘What It’s Worth’.

His versatility, passion, and storytelling is well represented all the way throughout this project. Songs including; “Google”, “Pray For Me”, and “Self Made” each showcase Millswaschosen’s storytelling, while still being unique to each songs theme and sound.

‘What It’s Worth’ Out Now

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