Jordan Ward’s Debut Album “Forward” Is Pushing RNB In The Direction In 2023

Jordan Ward’s Debut Album “Forward” Is Pushing RNB In The Direction In 2023

Jordan Wars maybe the most underrated RNB standout’s. I know that may sound strange for someone with over a million monthly listeners on Spotify who is also currently opening shows on JID and Smino’s Luv Is 4Ever Tour.

However the St.Louis artist is still not as popular as he should be (or maybe I’m just late). I stumbled across Jordan last year when I came across the ever so catchy “Lil Baby Crush”.

Since then I’ve been a fan and keeping up with Jordan’s releases. But in the mix of all the music that is constantly releasing, I didn’t notice that Jordan released his debut album “Forward”.

The 14 track body of work embodies sounds old school funk, alternative rock and hip-hop making the 30 minute listen an enjoyable one.

Standout tracks from the project include “IDC” feat Joony. “FAMJAM4000” “White Crocs” feat Ryan Terry and “THINK TWICE”.

For me this album is a breath of fresh air for RNB and is a glimpse of how Jordan has elevated his sound, and where the genre could be headed in the future.

I love the upbeat feeling of love that the album gives off. After a few listens, it feels that Jordan is at a place of his life where he’s ready to accept love and break the traumatic cycles that come with growing up Black in America.

There’s truly not a track that I skip on this album and it’s easily one of the better albums that dropped so far in 2023.

Give the album a listen for yourself below via Spotify.

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