Key Glock Returns With ‘Glockoma 2’ + Visual for “Dirt”

Key Glock Returns With ‘Glockoma 2’ + Visual for “Dirt”

Key Glock is back with his much anticipated 15 track album ‘Glockoma 2’. Glock also dropped a visual for “Dirt”. Backed by a heartening, vintage soul-sampling instrumental, Glock confirms his ice cold outlook on life. As well as, telling his perspective of the streets and his commitment to getting money. One of the most important rules he learned from Young Dolph.

‘Glockoma 2’ serves as Glock’s first full-length project since ‘Yellow Tape 2’ which earned a top 10 spot on Billboard’s 200 charting albums list. Most importantly, ‘Glockoma 2’ follows as the sequel to his fan-favorite 2018 project ‘Glockoma’.

Stream ‘Glockoma 2’ Here

With fifteen solo tracks, ‘Glockoma 2’ is a clear display of how Key Glock can hold his own. As well as, why he has become one of the most important figures in today’s booming Memphis rap scene.

His confidence drips on every track and is more than warranted. Glock has a way of pulling in the listener through his hypnotic flows, witty wordplay, and captivating charisma.

As he raps about his hustler lifestyle, and putting in work to carry the torch for Paper Route Empire, he keeps a calm demeanor.

With all the great music Key Glock releases, people can try to throw “Dirt” on his name, but they’ll never succeed.

“Dirt” Available Here

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