Gearing Up for 2023 With Atlanta’s Cam The Artisan

Gearing Up for 2023 With Atlanta’s Cam The Artisan

Back in November, I went to the Atlanta Streetwear Market in its new installment  at The Atlanta Expo Center. While being there, I saw some unique brands, some of my industry friends, and surprisingly ran into a music artist that’s been on my interview radar for over a year now. After I expressed my love of his work and was given permission for a quick photo, I finally got the perfect opportunity to ask for an interview. What leads us here. I’m giving you your favorite Brown Skin and Circles artist, right in his own words. I introduce Cam The Artisan aka “Arty McFly.”

You’ve probably already heard his music if you’ve tuned into the Peacock tv platform’s Bel-Air or All The Queen’s Men on BET+. However, before this Atlanta original was heard on television, Cam was performing for Kennesaw State University. He had his own Spinrilla segment. He was featured for Sprite as a For Your Consideration artist. But that was just the warm-up for him. In 2023, Cam shares that he and plans on giving us new songs with new sounds on new stages. 

But it hasn’t been an easy journey for Cam. “There is this overemphasized notion of normalizing “working hard” which people don’t realize means “doing everything yourself”. People will literally see you putting in ground work and will still find an excuse not to support you. Lack of money, resources and not even mentioning having to learn a lot of other aspects about the music industry can ultimately take you away from creating the music if you don’t have those around you that genuinely support.” Thankfully, the main lesson that he has learned through this is: don’t limit your ideas and most importantly, don’t limit yourself.

During the times that he is looking for inspiration, don’t be surprised if you see him putting on some Prince, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, or Tyler The Creator. All of these artists are known for their distinctive production style and The Artisan has also crafted a style of his own. “I like making those pretty sounding, summer records recently. You know, something warm and light, still in that mainstream lane where I want to stay. Music that is respective to everybody and authentic.” 

Cam The Artisan is truly an artist when it comes to his craft. Get ready to add some new Cam to your music library this year. In the meantime, follow him on 

YouTube: Cam The Artisan

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