Chlöe Takes Us To Church On Viral New Visual “Pray It Away” #12 Trending On Music

Chlöe Takes Us To Church On Viral New Visual “Pray It Away” #12 Trending On Music

R&B star Chloe Bailey ( Chlöe) released a new song, “Pray It Away,” and a video to her first single off of her debut album, “In Pieces,” which will be released in March. The heartbreak song is allegedly about rapper Gunna whom Chloe had a fling.

Chloe announces that her previous singles “Have Mercy,” “Surprise,” and “Treat Me” will not be on the album. I’m happy she made that decision because those songs seem more experimental.

“Pray it Away” feels authentic, like the Chloe we were first introduced to when the kids were alright.
It is the best song Chloe has released yet. We expected this from Chloe when she announced she was going solo. The song showcases her vocal ability. The use of a choir blended with her background vocals elevates the song. The gospel influences in R&B songs will always be a hit to me. Reminiscent of the R&B I grew up listening.

The video was a hit, filmed in a church, the beautifully choreographed praise dances. Nothing about the video is overtly sexual, making it so much better. It’s impressive how Chloe can pull off so many hairstyles while having locs in. It enhances her beauty and femininity. She served with every look in the video.

The one critique I have about the song is that the clean version used for the video should be the original. It seems as though there isn’t a clean version on streaming platforms. The use of the n-word in the explicit version makes the music slightly lacking luster. R&B songs are great without curses, and this song is 100x better without them. I hope that Chloe will release in due time.
I am looking forward to the album after the release of this song.

Questionable lyrics “I sold my soul, I lost my halo, my halo is gone…. God knows my heart I’m wilding” the conspiracies are becoming more believable. I still love Chloe.

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