Rot Ken Releases New Album ‘Yahweh Child’ Along With Video For ‘Mask On’

Rot Ken Releases New Album ‘Yahweh Child’ Along With Video For ‘Mask On’

Rot Ken is ready to separate himself from the pack with ‘Yahweh Child’. “Yahweh” by definition is a form of the Hebrew name of God used in the bible. Similarly, “Yahweh Child” means God’s child and Rot Ken believes that he is chosen by God. For this as he signed to Internet Money and BoyMeetSpace, two labels who believe he is the next to blow. The project showcases Ken mastering the sound of his home state of Georgia’s current rap scene. He showcases his unique energy and confidence over production from; OG Parker, Internet Money’s Taz Taylor, jetsonmade, and more.

“I wanna name my album ‘Yahweh Child’ which means ‘God’s child’…this will separate me from a lot of the crowd.”

Rot Ken on Our Generation Music Q&A

In addition to his new album, Rot Ken also released the video for his single “Mask On”. With the “Mask On” being one of the standout tracks, it only adds icing on the cake of his project release. The jetsonmade-produced track showcases Ken’s high-pitched triplet to his crew echoing his sentiments on the hook. Ultimately creating an undeniable speaker-knocking banger.

The video showcase Rot Ken flexing in a colorful sweater as he balls out from the basketball court to a bank vault.

‘Yahweh Child’ Available Here

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