YSL Signee Bslime Releases Debut Album ‘Love Me or Don’t’

YSL Signee Bslime Releases Debut Album ‘Love Me or Don’t’

Bslime, the newest signee of YSL, releases his debut album ‘Love Me or Don’t’. Bslime has always been a student to the game, and there is no better teacher than Young Thug. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a superstar like Young Thug in their corner. It is truly a blessing to be able to learn and soak up as much wisdom as possible as Bslime continues his rise to stardom. Five years later, he appears next to Future and and his mentor Young Thug. Although he appears next to two Atlanta rap legends, Bslime holds his own weight.

During a time where the leader of YSL, Young Thug, is not around Bslime’s album proves he has the star power to put YSL on his shoulders for the time being. ‘Love Me or Not’ displays his ability to make a bass-thumping trap anthem while also being able to craft a melodic tear-jerker. With that being said, the 23-year-old rapper is best known for his melodic trap sound and it was displayed on the viral song “Peepin Out The Window”.

Additionally, “Peepin Out The Window” features two rap legend in Future and Young Thug. Although the single was released in 2021 on Young Thug’s ‘Punk’ , it is still the leading single on his debut album with over 9 million streams. Having two legends like Future and Young Thug on a single may lead some listeners to think Bslime would be overshadowed by such established talents. That isn’t the case, he holds his own weight lyrically no matter the circumstances.

The Rise of Bslime

Bslime was first introduced to Young Thug and the YSL family through the late Lil Keed. Once introduced to Thugger, Bslime immediately began to soak up as much knowledge and wisdom as possible. In addition, he was able to spot the signs of a star the more he hung around his best friend Lil Keed. Blsime never acted out of jealousy or spite when it came to seeing his friend’s success. Bslime had nothing but genuine love and knew his own time would come.

Despite Young Thug also being his uncle, Bslime put his pride aside and allowed for his time to come. His patience paid off and having a front row seat to Thug’s rise to stardom helped Bslime understand the hard work and dedication it takes to become a star in the rap game.

In addition to his debut album, Bslime has also appeard on Young Stoner Life’s compilation album, ‘Slime Language 2’. Bslime appears on “Really Be Slime” which features YNW Melly and FN DaDealer. As well as the smash hit “No Surprise (Feat. Don Toliver)” which has accumulated over 10 million streams.

Since being singed under Young Stoner Life, Bslime has gone from only being known in the Atlanta scene to an army full of loyal fans.

Now, Bslime has found himself at the forefront of the next generation of young Atlanta talent. With his debut album ‘Love Me or Don’t’, Bslime is set to establish the next wave of trap.

‘Love Me or Don’t’ Available on All Streaming Platforms

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