Brooklyn Rapper Steph G Teaches Us How To Keep It G On New Mixtape “Like A G”

Brooklyn Rapper Steph G Teaches Us How To Keep It G On New Mixtape “Like A G”

Brooklyn rapper Steph G new 12 track project, “Like A G,” was released on Friday, October 28th, 2022.

The Like A G title is a play on Steph G’s name and that famous saying “Keep It G”. Steph is letting us know she keeps it 100 (or a hunnit as a real New Yorker would say), in everything she does. Do it Like A G, means to stick to your word. In other words, keeping it real. After all Steph’s famous saying is, “Steph G, Like a Motherfucking G.”

“Like A G” shows Steph’s creativity and how great she is at incorporating all aspects of her life into her music. With every song on the “Like A G,” tape you learn a little more about Steph G, what she stands for, and what she likes to do. The versatility and vulnerability are what make this project special. Tracks like “Ice Box” and “Not Worth The Money” put you in the shoes of a hurt woman with a melodic hook from singer Alex Za. “Chopped Cheese”, “DangerZone”, and “Money In Your Face” are more fun and catchy songs.

Tracks like “Thats facts”, “Go Live”, and “U Buggin” brings Steph back to her roots. She goes back and forth on “U Buggin” track with Sha G & J Da Don, almost like a conversation.

Steph released three singles before the release of the project, “Danger Zone“, “Paramount” feat. K Goddess, and “P. Power” featuring Brini Blanco. Along with a series of freestyles, “Downfall” and “I Aint No Joke,” on AMPD Exclusive.

“Like A G” is out now on all streaming platforms and can be streamed below via Spotify.

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