Ron Suno taps ATL’s Money Man on ‘DCH’ music video

Ron Suno taps ATL’s Money Man on ‘DCH’ music video

Bronx New York’s Ron Suno taps in with Money Man for the ‘DCH’ video. Directed by Benny Max, ‘DCH’ is the stand-out single from ‘SUNO MODE’. Money Man was born in the Bronx, but was raised in Atlanta. It is only right that Ron Suno welcomes Money Man back with open arms for a night of fun.

Ron and Money Man turn a night out in New York into a movie. Both artists show off more bars than a jail house and diamonds bright enough to make anyone blind. Most importantly, they showcase an immaculate vibe, whether they’re out in front of the club or in a graffitied train car.

Ron Suno is no stranger to having all eyes on him. As Ron continues to increase his popularity, he has caught the attention of XXL and HotNewHipHop.

“Whether he’s getting tons of retweets because he danced with Hip Hop Harry on Instagram, or churring out yet another song that shows off his personality, the rapper finds a way to keep all eyes in his direction.”


Ron is already a proven inspiration to the youth with the projects viral single, ‘What They Gon Say’. The single has racked in over 22 million Spotify streams and 12 million YouTube views. Although, Ron is already seen as the “King of Bronx Drill”; ‘SUNO MODE’ elevates Ron’s infectious energy to new heights.

Whether he’s blending his Bronx drill sound with familiar favorites on ‘OH LETS DO IT’ or letting his refreshingly reflective side shine on ‘FALL OFF’. The fast-paced project progresses without a dull moment.

The new project is also home to ‘SHOES’ ft. DUSTY LOCANE & Ra Swish. The video has gained over 2.3 million views on YouTube in three weeks. Surely a showcase for New York’s sturdiest steppers.

‘SUNO MODE’ is more than a album title, it is a mindset, according to Ron Suno.

“I turned a switch on, unleashing a new power…I think about video games, and how there’s a mode you have to get in and it can make invincible. When I’m in ‘SUNO MODE’, I’m invincible.”

Ron Suno

With the Bronx on his shoulders and the world in his hands, keep an eye on Ron while he’s in ‘SUNO MODE’ all summer long.

‘SUNO MODE’ is out now via SBL/EMPIRE.

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