Code Music Group is giving back with the C.O.D.E Scholarship Fund

Code Music Group is giving back with the C.O.D.E Scholarship Fund

The Chasing Our Dreams Everyday Scholarship Fund provides philanthropic support for post-secondary students with a vested interest in the sports industry and the lack of ability to further pursue educational resources. The C.O.D.E Scholarship Fund will be providing a $1,000 textbook stipend for one student at the University of Connecticut. In partnership with Code Music Group, this opportunity is available for the next generation of scholars.

Nathan Nugent, Co-Founder and President of the C.O.D.E Scholarship Fund expresses his excitement about this years scholarship fund,

“We take pride in making a difference in the 860, and always want to support those students who are passionate about pursuing their education further”

Nathan Nugent

CODE Music Group is not just focused on music, but the intersectionality of sports, fashion, and culture.

How to apply

Applicants will be required to submit their most recent unofficial transcript and a 500-word statement on the following prompt:

How have the intersections of sports, music, and fashion affected you in your personal life?

Applications are due by September 9, 2022, and you must be a current student enrolled at the University of Connecticut to apply.

To apply email:

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