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Rico Nasty  “Las Ruinas” Mixtape Review

Rico Nasty “Las Ruinas” Mixtape Review

Las Ruinas” (aka The Ruins)  Mixtape Review

Rico Nasty is proving that she is the versatile queen. Rico has never shied away from trying new things with her style and sound. Each song on this album is particularly unique, expressing emotion rather than rage.

She continues to showcase the rage in her single “Blow Me”, it is pretty chill, it sounds like the Rico Nasty we’ve heard before.

While her song “Watch your Man” is a different vibe, it has a distorted punk rock feel.

“Don’t watch me better watch your man” Rico says.

“Gotsta Get Paid” has more of a Cali vibe to it, if Rico was a part of the rap group NWA, this is how she would sound. “Don’t get in my way, I gotsta get paid”. Rico is letting the people know she’s gonna get paid, so stay out of her way. Her delivery makes the song even better. “Backpack full of gas, im feeling like that b*tch Dora”.

Rico gets really open and honest on “Easy” ,the melodic song about her relationships. It seems very therapeutic, a ballad with only a guitar in the background. Similar to Rihanna’s Never Ending from the album ANTI. “I’m so fucked up, I dont wanna go to therapy” Rico says

Chicken Nugget was the best song to end the album, a sweet dedication from a mom to her son. Rico shares her love for her son and she relates to her mom, through her experience as a mom.

“To you I’m the best rapper, I don’t need no awards”, as long as Rico’s son appreciates her and her music, that’s all the appreciation she needs.

Overall this project seems to be very intimate, Rico is showing more emotions than ever before. I truly enjoyed it.

Stream ““Las Ruinas” for yourself below.

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