Jelani Imani Drops Message For Artists In “who tf” (STOP BUYIN VIEWS) Visual

Jelani Imani Drops Message For Artists In “who tf” (STOP BUYIN VIEWS) Visual

Single cover for Jelani Imani’s who tf (STOP BUYIN VIEWS)

Whether Southside Atlanta rapper Jelani Imani realizes it or not, he sparked a real conversation that is happening within the music industry. His latest hit “who tf (STOP BUYIN VIEWS)” featuring Lil Rib is a bass-filled hit that pokes fun at these industry plants that are showing signs of desperation. There’s a rising epidemic of “music artists” that are trying to literally buy themselves into success by paying for music platform streams and video views. Making it harder for genuine talent to be seen and heard. They have thousands of social media followers, and over a million streams. However, when you go to these artists’ shows, the crowd doesn’t even know them or the songs. 

Stop believing these internet numbers. Stop trying to prove a point to these trolls, and let the talent speak for itself. The Atlanta sound is constantly growing and we are definitely on Jelani Imani’s time right now. “who tf” has already been featured on Apple Music’s weekly, The New Atlanta playlist and is one of Lyrical Lemonade’s highlighted videos. Jelani has been going crazy with the music and at his concerts.

Check out the “who tf?” music video below.

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