Young Atlanta 10th Anniversary: Last Train To Paris

Young Atlanta 10th Anniversary: Last Train To Paris

On August 6th, the hottest youth fashion organization known as Young Atlanta is having their 10-year anniversary and are hosting it right at the High Museum in Midtown Atlanta. This isn’t their first time founder Charles Pabai has been able to turn out historic places for their extravagant shows; YA has been previously hosted at The Galloway School in Buckhead, GA and the Atlanta Zoo. 

The theme for this year is to pay homage to the late and brilliant Virgil Abloh. Named “Last Train to Paris” (call back to Diddy-Dirty Money), I’m sure that we should be expecting to see asymmetrical designs, hip-hop culture references and even a little testing of color theory. We all know that Virgil was never afraid to make sure his work stood out. Pabai is even requesting all attendees to show up in off-white attire (he has the desired color palette on the website). 

Young Atlanta founder Charles Pabai (courtesy of Senaite Murray/The In Crowd ATL)

Imagine being able to showcase a multitude of black fashion designers, models, and musicians as works of art while being at an art museum. Charles Pabai is a black creative that seamlessly shows through his works that the world can be yours if you really want it. He’s already sold out all of his online tickets but if you’re in Atlanta on the 6th, you might not want to miss this historical event.

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