Everyone Is A “GOAT” On Symba’s Latest Single Ahead Of His Upcoming Summer Project.

Everyone Is A “GOAT” On Symba’s Latest Single Ahead Of His Upcoming Summer Project.

A common debate in the realms of music, film, and sports is: who’s the greatest of all time? Though this question can spark several different judgements, San Francisco rap artist Symba redefines success through his interpretation of what it means to be a “goat”.

San Francisco Bay rapper Symba

“GOAT” is the leading single from his upcoming project ‘Results Take Time’, set to release Summer 2022. Directed by JD Films, the visual features Symba in a locker room press conference, as he raps about various musical accolades or his lack thereof. Regardless, he is prideful of his position and effort put forth within the industry.

“You fight uphill battles while pushing the culture forward and the sh*t they neglect you for make the legends respect you more,”

As hip hop continues to evolve there is often tension between adapting to the current musical climate while simultaneously paying homage to the game’s most respected MCs. Symba has hopes for both worlds to integrate. He visualizes Rakim over 808 beats or NBA Youngboy and Ma$e on the same song.

“So what makes a n*gga the goat?”

Symba questions over graceful piano melodies. For him, a goat embodies characteristics that extend far beyond their typical artistry. “Endorsements, fashion, movie roles to acting,” he says. “To be a goat you gotta be great outside your passion.”

Arguments of what makes a person the greatest are frequently associated with sports and entertainment careers, nonetheless Symba corroborated the “goats” who walk amongst everyday citizens. Buying your mom a house, surviving poverty, or even taking care of your children are all “goat” inclusive actions per Symba.

“Aint nobody the goat cause we all a goat”, he concludes. With Summer quickly approaching, Symba is dealing hope in the best way he knows how. Listen to “GOAT” below.

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