Sydney, Australia’s Vita Unleashes “YTB” Visual feat. Meechy Darko

Sydney, Australia’s Vita Unleashes “YTB” Visual feat. Meechy Darko

Originally from East Killara, Sydney, Australia, multidimensional artist Vita is pushing the boundaries of society and teaching her fans to do the same. She created a song from her experience of war in her hometown. She was able to create music based on the state of the world and experiences at home. Very similar to MIA’s ‘Paper Planes’ concept.

“I want to encourage people to always fight for what is right and do it as loud as possible. This music is supposed to make you feel something. We’re all angry, want change, and want to feel like we can be ourselves.” 

This song came at the right time; in a world where hate is being spewed more than love, there’s a lot of anger in many people; I can understand Vita’s POV. This song feels like a protest. Meechy Darko of Flatbush Zombies slides on track, bringing the same raw energy as Vita. His deep raspy voice is similar to the likes of DMX. The intense high energy and aggression they both were able to put into the song gave it that raging feel.

The feel of the music video is very gritty, the fight club, the glorification of combat to experience in a society where everyone is numb to the chaos. The theme of the video perfectly fits the concept of the song; Vita says in the song, “If you want it, baby, you can catch these hands outside.” She’s letting you know that she is with all the smoke.

I can see Vita creating a lane for herself, successfully getting her message out, and getting through to the youth.

Check out the YTB visual below.

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