Boslen Joins Forces With Y2K For New Single “Fallen Star”

Boslen Joins Forces With Y2K For New Single “Fallen Star”

Boslen’s new Single, “Fallen Star” gives listener a taste of what is yet to come. Boslen provides a great deal of storytelling as his vocals and harmonies pair well with Y2K’s cascading 808s. “Fallen Star” is an uplifting single that provides emotional storytelling that is portrayed as an origin story for Boslen.

“This is the day that I’ll feed my soul, this is the day when the light must grow.”

BoSlen On “Fallen Star”

Boslen’s bridge on “Fallen Star” is the epitome of what this song brings to listners. This song provides a great deal of motivation and desire for growth. As an upcoiming artists, growth is valued by Boslen and he isn’t afraid to let it be known.

He has had praises from HotNewHipHop naming him as one of their “Artist to Watch in 2022.”

Hailing from Vancouver, the 23-year-old finds the city’s people as a key contributor to the way he not only understands himself, but the way he understands his art.

Vancouver is a land of snowy peaks, warm water, beautiful nature and busy streets. Much like his homeland, his music brings aspects and styles together that don’t usually mesh.

Similarly, Boslen makes these contradictions work in his work providing a melodic yet lyrical song with a little bit of rock influence thanks to Y2K’s producing.

With this being said, Boslen continues to give thanks to where he came from as he raps, “Self-doubt, on my own now, single mother paying bills, how? Built her own house,” showing his gratitude for his mother.

 Boslen is on the cusp of stardom” it is clear that Boslen has some hype surrounding him as he approaches his first tour named after his upcoming album, “GONZO“.

Stream “Fallen Star” Now Streaming On All Platforms, HERE.

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