J.Stone Release New Single, “Weekend” Featuring Young Dolph Ahead Of “Definition Of Sacrifice” Album Out June 15th

J.Stone Release New Single, “Weekend” Featuring Young Dolph Ahead Of “Definition Of Sacrifice” Album Out June 15th

J. Stone’s single is just a tease of what is yet to come as he plans on releasing his album, ‘The Definition of sacrifice’, on June 15th. The album will round out his Definition trilogy.

‘The Definition of sacrifice’ is packed with talented producers and artists including, Swizz Beatz, JadaKiss, KCamp, Styles P, and as mentioned earlier Young Dolph, who is featured on two tracks.

One notable feature that doesn’t appear in his new album that J.Stone fans are used to seeing on is Nipsey Hussle. The late great Nipsey Hussle has been on every single album a part of the Defintion Trilogy except his newest addition to the trilogy, ‘The Definition of Sacrifice’. 

Additionally, both Nipsey and J.Stone shared a connection growing up in South Central, LA, but that’s not the only thing they shared in common. J.Stone and Nipsey Hussle were label mates as founding members of All Money In Records.

Being label mates allowed for both Nipsey and J.Stone to learn the inner workings of the music industry and even taught each other to record one another in the studio. As time went on, both MCs appeared on each other’s projects. Notable Nipsey albums J.Stone have been featured on are Nipsey’s Crenshaw (“All Get Right”) and Mailbox Money (“Stay Loyal”). Their friendship didn’t stop in the studio as J.Stone joined Nipsey on his Crenshaw (2014), and Victory Lap (2018) tours before his passing in March of 2019.

Much like Nipsey, another artist J.Stone seems to enjoy working with is the late Young Dolph. Sadly, Young Dolph passed away in November of 2021 in a similar way that Nipsey Hussle was taken from us.

Nevertheless, both Nipsey and Dolph had a great amount of respect from J.Stone. Similar to Nipsey, J.Stone enjoyed working with Young Dolph and had this to say,

“Working with Dolph was like working with Nipsey, the chemistry, sharing game of the independent grind with each other, and us having the same drive. Dolph would FaceTime me almost every other day about shooting the video. Sadly, the unbelievable tragedy happened that hit me almost just as hard as Nip’s passing”

– J.Stone

Even with the unexpected death of Young Dolph, J.Stone shows respect by sticking to the plan for their new single, “Weekend” because “that’s what Dolph would have wanted.”

Check out the “Weekend” visual above via Youtube.

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