SOSSHOUSE’S J Billz Drops, “Fresh Off The Plane”

SOSSHOUSE’S J Billz Drops, “Fresh Off The Plane”

With an addictive beat produced by Pi’erre Bourne, J Billz drops, “Fresh Off The Plane”. J Billz ups the ante with a IDGAF attitude which is relevant once that beat drops. J Billz is talking his talk throughout his whole song, as he raps over the bouncy upbeat instrumental with lyrics that ain’t nothing close to humble.

In addition to the song, J Billz drops the visuals for, ‘Fresh Off The Plane’. The music video directed by NoahSoCold and Manzano Bros shows J Billz near the famous Space Needle in Seattle, smoking a spliff only adding to his IDGAF attitude.

This IDGAF attitude is evident in the catchy and disrespectful hook of the song. Hailing from Spartansburg, Pennsylvania, he lets everyone know that he is good in every hood outside of his hometown, rapping,

“B***h I’m the prince of my city, n**** I go anywhere/Bout to come to your lil city, them b****es want my underwear.”

J Billz on ‘Fresh Off The Plane’

Overall, J Billz and Pi’erre Bourne dropped a single that can do some numbers this summer. It is perfect for anyone that is in that IDGAF mood much like J Billz is in on ‘Fresh Off The Plane’.

Fresh Off The Plane’ Now Streaming On All Platforms.

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