Denver’s Trayce Chapman : “Contraband 3” Album Out Now

Denver’s Trayce Chapman : “Contraband 3” Album Out Now

Following Chapman’s last album, 2017’s “Contraband 2“, he’s back with his latest in the eulogy with “Contraband 3“. Some of the tracks included are “The Winds” and “NASA” with an official music video for “Olive Street”.

The video depicts his life using cartoons to narrate the storyline. Also, Trayce uses his high energy emotions with “Me vs. Myself 3.0” and transitions to a slow melodic beat with “Flights to Atlanta” and “Tread”.

Olive street is the story of my teenage years and the dangers that came with living on the street we did, but it never felt dangerous back then just felt like home. Mentions of my close friends Dominique and Brett in the hook felt like a tribute to them for being my partners through the madness. What a time.

Ever since “The Winds” and “NASA” released, the album has has gained traction from media outlets like The Hype Magazine, EUPHORIA, and Earmilk

The artist continues building an even bigger name for himself in the Mile High City. Trayce Chapman has already kicked the year off with a show performance in Los Angeles and Denver. Which he opened up for the Nigerian American Rapper, Wale.

Check out Trayce Chapman’s newest drop Contraband 3 now !

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