The Marijuana Get Real Persuasive with Doechii + Drops New Visual For Crazy

The Marijuana Get Real Persuasive with Doechii + Drops New Visual For Crazy

Doechii, Top Dawg Entertainment’s newest artist, is 22 years old and very vibrant. Doechii started off as a You-tuber, posting a mixture of content. She gained a following and now she does music. She has been listed on Spotify’s Artist to watch in 2022. She recently dropped her video to her new song Persuasive.

We hear Doechii start off singing in a very smooth and euphonious voice, very R&B like. The flow changes into the verse, she starts rapping, her flow is amazing and then a full blown ballroom dance scene starts happening in my ears. The addition of background vocals is what bring that ballroom vibe.

The song is amazing, I never heard of her prior to listening to the song, so I was in awe when I heard it and really enjoyed it. The sound is a mixture of Electronic Dance music and Hip Hop. She is definitely an artist to look out for. I can see this song being part of the ballroom scene. I immediately want to start vogueing when I hear “how does it feel to be that-that bitch?” Doechii reminds me so much of Azealia Banks.

Feelings that Marijuana invoke, everything is amazing. The song has a vibe, it’s such a feel good, it feels like a Friday or Saturday night. It gives main character energy as well.

“Feel like the feeling of a silk press”

“Feel like I feel like I got new breasts”

If you ever had a great silk press, you know the feeling of leaving the salon feeling like a new person. Everything that can make you feel like a bad bitch is what this song embodies.

“If its weed on sight then we all okay” the weed sets the mood as long as we have it then we are in for some fun.

My interpretation is that the marijuana persuades you to do things that make you feel like you’re that bitch. When you feel like you’re that bitch, you have all the confidence in the world. If you listen to the lyrics carefully she lists all the things that she wants to do after being sedated. Anything that alters your state of being usually boosts your confidence. “How does it feel to let go” when you let go you are free, you true self comes out.

“How does it feel to be you”? The Last line of the song because the drugs have convinced you to be your true self. It has allowed you to be free.

Check out the visuals for “Persuasive” + “Crazy” below.

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