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Slatt Zy drops new single, ‘Feel If In My Soul’

Slatt Zy drops new single, ‘Feel If In My Soul’

Slatt Zy releases a soul-reflecting track, where he references his struggles and lose he has faced. Zy easily translates his pain and trauma on to this track and it is felt with a heart felt hook and vivid lyrics representing what he has seen, been through, and what he has lost in his young life.

“Conversation with the mic, no I ain’t talking to myself. Sobered up, hope I don’t crashout I done took the fast route. Brother died from drugs, he overdosed and fuckin’ passed out”

Slatt Zy on ‘Feel It In My Soul’

Dealing with the lose of is “brother”, Slatt Zy honors his friend many times during this new single. It is also evident in his video for ‘Feel It In My Soul’ by bonding with his friends over another senseless lose.

In the video you can see the video taking place at a funeral. Taking place both at a church and cemetery, you can see Zy with his friends all while showing the jacket he is wearing to honor his late friend. This tribute came to realization at the end of the video as the screen shows, “Long Live 4.”

The video is a great representation of brotherhood, as everyone in the video seems to embrace each other during a hard time. Slatt Zy does a great job in the video showing that this song is a celebration of life to help honor his late friend.

Overall, ‘Feel It In My Soul’ is great listen. With a great use of piano, guitar, and a strong catchy hook, Slatt Zy gave the listeners a soulful song that will allow listeners to appreciate his versatility as he shows off his vocals and rapping ability.

Slatt Zy is most definitely an artists everyone should be on the lookout for in 2022. With a sound similar to those of NBA Youngboy, Roddy Ricch, and Rod Wave, Slatt Zy has already had success with his songs ‘Lean On’ and ‘Don’t You Fold’ surpassing one million views.

Feel It In My Soul’ looks to have similar success, if not, more success. Be on the lookout for Slatt Zy, 2022 is his year.

Feel It In My Soul’ Streaming on all Platoforms

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