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Chevy Woods- Big Woods Season (Album Review)

Chevy Woods- Big Woods Season (Album Review)

Chevy Woods releases his new album, ‘Big Woods Season’. This album provides a great mix of party anthems and slow vibes. With that being said, ‘Big Woods Season’ is a perfect name for this album. In relation to Backwoods that are great for parties or slow and chill nights.

Chevy Woods uses a great variety of different instrumentals and different samples from videos games and movies. Chevy Woods does a great job of showing his versatility all the way through the album.

Album Review

Some of the best songs to turn up to are: ‘Python’, ‘RIP’ ‘Hamilton’, ‘Switch’ and ‘Detroit’. All of these songs provide a great amount of bass that will leave the speakers shaking. 

As for the best songs to relax to and enjoy ‘Big Woods Season’, possibly with your own ‘big wood’ are: ‘She Loves Me She Loves Me Not’, Chevy Woods is using his gaming background in ‘Perfect Sex’ which uses ‘Super Mario Bros’ sound effects within the instrumental. Them there is Mason Margiela which uses a dope Buzz Lightyear sample at the beginnings the song. Although all those songs are great, the best song is the lead single ‘Demon Time’, which features his Taylor Gang affiliates Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa. 

Overall, the album isn’t bad. As mentioned before the album is a good mix of music to turn up to and a mix of a music to turn down to, but the chill songs tend to stand out a little bit more. The album isn’t meant for everyone, but no piece of art is, that’s what makes it art. Chevy Woods did a great job on this album.

The Versatility of Chevy Woods

Not only is Chevy Woods Showing his versatility on his album with a great mix of party anthems and chill vibes, but is also showing his versatility in other venues like TikTok and Twitch. 

On top of being in the studio, Chevy Woods has been highly active in the gaming community. He has been streaming his performance via his Twitch, allowing his fans to interact and engage with him in a different setting. 

Chevy Woods has been exploring other creative avenues that include but are not limited to the gaming world, cooking in the kitchen on Youtube, making a stance in TikTok, staying in tune with trends, and even releasing country songs.

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