Chino Cappin Gets Real Disrespectful on His New Single Ft. Jacquees

Chino Cappin Gets Real Disrespectful on His New Single Ft. Jacquees

Chino Cappin’s first single, “Disrespectful,” depicts him being played by a woman. Permanently Scarred is a great name for someone who has just experienced their first sorrow. Chino is a melodic rapper with a modern-day immature sound, similar to Bryson Tiller.

From the first phrase, “why the hell you on my phone with this bullsh*t,” this song is fantastic. For some odd reason it reminds me of Summer Walker’s Unloyal feat. Ari Lennox.

This song appeals to me because it is relatable; many males, like women, experience heartbreak. However, there appears to be a double standard because we hear more about males who cheat than women. Women have a innocence to them and fail to acknowledge that they can be toxic at times.

Chino Cappin Disrespectful

It’s a song about “heartbreak” from the perspective of a man. It pretty much sums up what it’s like to be in a toxic relationship with a woman. There are many lies and dishonesty in this story, and she always seem to be divided between two loves.

“Why the hell you on my phone with this bullsh*t, Tired of  lies”

Wasn’t you With buddy, the other night?

Now on my line tryna make it right

Bout to fuck up and see my other side”

Chino is being direct, informing the girl that he is no longer playing into her games. He knows she’s between men and confused, therefore the girl is a liar. He knows what kind of girl she is and that she will repeat the same mistakes she always does. She’s no good, and he’s warning her that if she doesn’t leave him alone, its not looking to good for her.

Jacquees, the “King of R&B,” the perfect person to feature on this song. Following up after Chino’s verse He goes into greater detail about how disrespectful it can get if she continues to take his love for granted. “Sleeping with her friends, breaking her heart, and pissing her off” all because she tried to play him, and he closes his verse by expressing to her that his life changed for the better after that.

Ironically, both rappers are seen in the music video chatting to the same female and telling her the same thing. Sick of her lying and manipulative behavior. She’s playing both of them, but neither of them is falling for it. This song portrays how women, like men, can be “Players,” but that they usually get payback in the most heinous ways. They also have a better understanding of the “game” than women.

Despite the fact that both males in the video had ladies in their presence, they continued to go back and forth on the phone with this woman. Everyone is rude and inconsiderate, and the toxic cycle continues. The music video concept reminds me so much of R.Kelly and Usher’s “Same Girl.

“Tryna tell the truth but it’s too late, I already knew this” he explains that he already knew of her actions before she could come clean and tell the truth.” He was aware of her acts before she was aware of them.

He is aware that she has not changed and it clearly irritates her that she isn’t getting the response she desires from them.

A recent life lesson I learned is that we are all capable of shattering people’s hearts, especially if we are unaware of our acts, and that an unhealed soul cannot love properly.

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