South Carolina’s Hidden Gem Lo’ Kuntry Drops Visual For “South End”

South Carolina’s Hidden Gem Lo’ Kuntry Drops Visual For “South End”

In the Low Country of South Carolina, lies dormant an artistic few. From a ridiculously unsaturated tri-state area (save Camouflage) lies a Travis Scott-esque, hold the bullshit, “man of many hats:” artist by the name of Lo’ Kuntry.

In a post racist attack, lost to humanity Charleston; lies a friend. Easily likable, the ever representing Lo’ Kuntry, is a young man who cares far more about his locale than the Franklin faces he undoubtedly deserves. His creations double your daily dreams. It is is an exclamation point of effortless genius. 

Having recently released his latest project, “Nights in the Kuntry” containing the soundtrack for everything the low country has to offer. Each song is named aptly after a different Carolina location based on the feel of the music, with one of the stand outs being “South End.”

In South End, the interlude like track to the EP, Lo’ Kuntry glides over the smooth guitar type instrumental. Shot by CameraRicoo, together they created a visual project that captures the vibe and energy of the song perfectly.

If you’ve ever been to any of the places he has mentioned, then you will understand how well he was able to capture the feel of each of the locations turned songs. Whenever you hit the low country of the Carolina’s be sure to turn “Nights in the Kuntry” on for a few plays.

Not only an artist, but a visionary, brand, creative director, amongst other things, Lo’ Kuntry has the ability to change the game for the Carolina’s. So, let us welcome someone who may be the Key that opens the door. Or the inevitable brick that opens the window: Tyler “LoKuntry” Brown.

Be sure to keep up with him and his musical journey with his links below!

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