Jordan Hollywood Visualizes His Paranoid Thoughts In New Video “Pleasures”.

Jordan Hollywood Visualizes His Paranoid Thoughts In New Video “Pleasures”.

While many find the fear inside paranoia, Jordan Hollywood is embracing it. He released the second single “Pleasures” off of upcoming project, “Only The Paranoid Survive”.

“Pleasures” is carried by airy, whistle like melodies as Hollywood rap-sings about betrayal, his love for family, and the trials that accompany fame and fortune. “Used to be depressed, that lasted for a while. Bought a Johnny Dang grill, hoping that it help me smile”, Hollywood says.

Jordan Hollywood by Travis Shinn

The video is extremely personal. Presenting Hollywood in a session with a psychiatrist, as he visually depicts situations that seemingly contribute to his paranoia. However, Hollywood also displays himself overcoming these situations.

In one scene he is held at gunpoint by several officers as he begins to float in the air, rising above his adversaries.  

Hollywood’s music videos are known to be dramatic. With past productions depicting him drowning and being buried alive. He has been creating with his video director, Christian Breslauer for quite some time, and considers him a “day one”.

With his addictive flow and cinematic videos, the Quality Control artist is surely defining himself in the rap game. Check out the “Pleasures” video below.

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