Reggie Becton New Hit Will Make You High

Reggie Becton New Hit Will Make You High

Have you even been so In love you felt high? Or what about so high that all you could feel is love? Diving into the trippy world of love is 2021’s Artist to Watch Reggie Becton. In possession of purely mellowing vocals, he unleashed the second single from his forthcoming album ‘California’. Titled ‘So high,’ his newest gift to listeners is soulfully elevating and to put it simply… Such a vibe!

Reggie Becton and Ryhan posed for the cover art for their new single titled 'So High'

Marco Tornillo and Aidan “Maestro” Carroll created a jazzy, soulful beat for the backing of his nirvana generating vocals. Tapping Ryahn for the first verse added a burst of energy to the track with her angelic vocals. Being high and in love can feel like a new height. Reggie Becton explores these levels with a smooth melody and talks of addicted to the love of another. Nods to The Neptunes and Timbaland attest to the tracks longevity with its’ jazzy composition and the pairs sensual back-and-forth.

Written by Reggie, Ryahn, and some close friends during a smoke session, ‘So High’ is one for any playlist. Preceding the first release from his approaching album titled ‘Issues’… The PG County, MD hit-maker is lyrically painting a vivid narrative of his move to the west coast. A narrative that will be brought full-circle with the unleashing of his album California.

When you see Becton’s orange beanie, just know that a euphoria of sounds and harmonies is about to leave your speakers. He has received high marks this year including landing on Billboard’s Fresh R&B Hip-Hop Picks of the Week. His future is looking as dreamy and elevated and this newest release.

Listen to Reggie Becton’s ‘So High’ on all platforms now!

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