Elcamino Drops New Poetic Tale of Ascension

Elcamino Drops New Poetic Tale of Ascension

Rising a phoenix from a traumatic childhood, Elcamino puts hard times and harmonies at the forefront of his discography. 2021 he delivered a heavy dose of both bars and harmonies. This year has seen several singles featuring a range of flows like ‘Never Know’ and ‘Immunity‘ with Benny The Butcher. As he prepares to release his forthcoming project “Let There Be Light,” he dropped off a new single titled “Fashionably Late,” featuring Griselda’s Keisha Plum.

Elcamino cover art for 'Fashionably Late'
Painted by: Isaac Pelayo

In this tale of ascension, he touches on challenging moments of the past while highlighting his growing success and future. Over a nostalgically crisp Kanye sample, he harps on the success unearthed from personal adversities and tragic loss. Produced by StreetRunner and Tarik Azzouz… ‘Fashionably Late’ arrived just in time, after a brief period of staying lowkey.

I put my soul in this sh*t, all I witnessed was hatred. I thought I needed love all I need was patience.

– Elcamino on ‘Fashionably Late”

Plum ended off the track with sultry poetic vocals cementing the divine energy emulated throughout. And it’s more than worth an add to your playlist. Preceding his track ‘My Way’… Elcamino used raw, melodic vocals and strategic rhymes to paint a vivid picture of both struggle and triumph.

Check out Elcamino’s ‘Fashionably Late’ on all platforms now!

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