MIIESHA Drops Empowering New Single “Made for Silence”

MIIESHA Drops Empowering New Single “Made for Silence”

MIIESHA on set for Made for Silence
MIIESHA photographed by Cole Bennetts

Australian singer and songwriter MIIESHA released her second single of 2021 “Made for Silence,” a funky dance banger showcasing themes of individuality and empowerment. Her last single, “Damaged,” was a smooth indie-pop track with R&B sensibilities about recognizing hurt and moving past it. If “Damaged” was the start of her recovery from trauma, “Made for Silence,” is the aftermath. Now she’s grown in confidence and is retaliating against any attempts to limit her newfound freedom.

“Made for Silence” is a funky, electronic dance track led by a plucky bassline, and bright synths spread throughout the song. MIIESHA’s characteristic vocal style is breathy but has a great melodic quality to them. The song is also characterized by MIIESHA’s strong songwriting, especially on the pre-chorus and chorus.

my anger is not quiet, but I taught it to be still. My hunger is not mild, but I trained it not to kill. This mouth that could run wild but I’ve shown the greatest skill, my love beats louder still.”.

The visuals match the themes of the song well. MIIESHA drives through the backroads of a suburban area. She’s by herself but it doesn’t matter, in fact at various points in the video she sits in every seat in the car. She also vibes out in a convenience store.

This ode to independence is a great contender for dance song of the summer. Stream “Made for Silence” HERE.

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