From Instagram Comedian To Artist, FATBOY Explains His Transition, Fatherhood + More.

From Instagram Comedian To Artist, FATBOY Explains His Transition, Fatherhood + More.

Fatboy SSE is a musician, comedian and philanthropist from Irvington, New Jersey.

My favorite thing about growing up in Irvington was 40th street park. Going to the pow-wow’s, going to the youth camps in the summer. Things of that nature.

Fatboy on growing up in Irvington

Upon meeting Fatboy for the first time I could sense his good energy. I was one of the last people to interview Fatboy that day however his energy was everything you could ask for from an interviewee.

Like many I found out about Fatboy SSE via his viral videos on Instagram. Videos of Fatboy smacking people on the back of their heads were some of the funniest videos of the time. While the “viral age” gets frowned upon it did birth many stars and opened doors for tons of people. Many of those “IG Comedians” didn’t stand the test of time. Irvington’s Fatboy SSE did.

Making The Transition From Instagram “Comedian” To Artist

One of the ways you stick around is by reinventing yourself. With new trends and viral acts coming daily it’s easy to fall off and be forgotten. Fatboy has remained relevant by making the transition into an artist. Fatboy has racked millions of views on YouTube while having songs stream well.

You gotta have that transition you gotta have that growth.

Fatboy on Transitioning from comedian to artist

Fatboy can be credited as one of the first IG Comedians, who kicked the door down to make the jump from the gram to the booth.

Knowing that many will follow that formula, he dropped off some advice, kinda.

I could give them advice but they gotta follow they own path. I can’t tell them how to move or be creative. Whatever works for you works. Make sure you making money and income so you can survive and take care of your bills.

Fatboy’s advice for people who may follow his path.

Fatboy’s “Fly Away” has already been streamed over a million times this year & is a teaser of what’s to come. The Irvington native has a project slated to drop next year which fans can hear his growth through storytelling.

Fatherhood & Hip-Hop

Fatboy SSE and his son

While Fatboy is growing in his music career, he understands how important he is to his two children. However he doesn’t let that affect his craft.

If they going to listen to it they going to listen to it, what could I do? I’m not able to be there 24/7. I’m making the music but they stay in a child’s place.

Fatboy even encourages his children to make music if that’s what they want to do.

Fatboy SSE & His Daughter

Fatboy is definitely a levelheaded artist who remains humble despite all of his success and fame. He takes pride on becoming a better man, taking care of himself his people and helping people.

“When you in the hood, you know how it goes. You gotta be levelheaded you got people watching you, the kids watching you. You gotta be mindful.

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