Slavvy |New Video of Self-Indulging Pleasure

Slavvy |New Video of Self-Indulging Pleasure

Acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Rostislav Vaynshtok, known by his artist name Slavvy, is hypnotizing listeners with a collision of POPular genres and electronic sounds. Diving head-first into the dark side of infidelity, he gifts a tantalizing new R&B joint titled ‘Lavender’. The new release serves as a build-up for his forthcoming EP titled ‘Romance’.

Slavvy posed for his new single 'Lavender'

It’s a bad time soundtracked by regret and guilt, but neither of those things are going to trigger your better judgement. You’re just in this, and you accept it. The hook is the hook for a reason. That’s just how I am.

– Slavvy

Luxurious like Purple

“Lavender” takes listeners on a synth laced journey of self-indulgence.  Along with the tracks release came a video to match. He layers on the gratification with lavender lights and a lot of cash. He adds to the 80’s aesthetic by weaving in grainy television footage. Directed by himself and Juan Orta, the pair unearthed a neon atmosphere reminiscent of the cult-classic film Drive.  Serving as an ultimatum to a lover, he sings “take it or leave it” from the top of a sports car. The string of releases in culmination with the retro-urban aesthetic lays a solid framework for the narrative driven experience that is to come with ‘Romance’. 

Lavender is getting caught doing something you shouldn’t. You’re f*cked up, you’re cheating, you’re out behind your lover’s back, but something is going wrong.” Slavvy explains. “They know you’re stepping out, they catch you, they show up, the person you’re with is on some bullsh*t and you regret stepping out to begin with.

– Slavvy

Oh So Slavvy

Over a decade in the game has coined Rostislav a veteran with a track record of captivating his listeners. Nonetheless his ability to fuse genres into a burst of sonic bliss has solidified his place in the industry. As an acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist his ability to create hits appears effortless. Not only is Slavvy a beat in the studio, he’s also chartered the US festival circuit. Having performed in the US Festival circuit at Electric Zoo, Northcoast and more… Selling out live shows, and generating countless streams are nothing new to him.

Stay tuned for another piece of Slavvy’s lust drenched narrative. In the mean time check-out his new visual for ‘Lavender’ now!

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