Albuquerque native pop duo, Scorpio Szn has charmed the hears of fans with their smooth sounds and catchy lyrics. They duo is gearing up to release a new single on March 26 titled, ‘Sugar, Sugar’. The song is currently available for pre-save on Spotify.

Sugar, Spice, and a new single!
Photographer: Stephanie Vanessa

“Sugar, Sugar is a straightforward, flirty track influenced by Japanese City Pop. It’s a fun song about wanting a little more sugar from someone special because they make life a tad bit sweeter.”

– Scorpio Szn

‘Sugar, Sugar’ will be the first original 2021 release for the duo. Following the release, a music video will premier in the near future.

Scorpio Szn, soulfully fuses the bedroom pop scene with influential tastes of R&B, Jazz, and Latin. The duo consists of two Scorpios, Armando Orona and Zandi Ashley. They captivate their fans with themes of everyday life and love, but with a modernistic and carefree approach. Named one of the five finalist for NPR’s Tinny Desk Competition, the duo continues to become a favorite of those they meet. Their track “Five” made its way to the Recording Academy’s GrammyU 2020 Virtual Conference, following the attention it has received. For more information, visit Scorpio Szn’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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