Australia Artist ENIGMARAPPER Releases Single “One Take”

Australia Artist ENIGMARAPPER Releases Single “One Take”

Repping his hometown of Melbourne, artist ENIGMARAPPER has just released his newest track that only took one recording. Hints at the reason the song is called “One Take”!

ENIGMARAPPER has been making music for 2 years now, and raps about his mental health issues. He is diagnosed with Autism and Aspergers but that doesn’t stop his drive to release music. The reasoning on his name is because it took 19 years to be diagnosed. He has a love for old school as his biggest influence is Big L, and strives for originality.

I talk about people caring more about the way they try to sound rather than creating a song that is what they’d normally record, new school type music is coming out and people are just jumping on it without passion.

ENIGMARAPPER on today’s music

When creating this song ENIGMARAPPER talks about past experiences of going through the justice system and courts process in past years. He explains that too many people copy these days so he came with something original with a good hook! Stream on all platforms here.

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