New Collective Group dumb.intelligence Debuts Single “290” and EP “KEWUZII”

New Collective Group dumb.intelligence Debuts Single “290” and EP “KEWUZII”

Dumb Intelligence (DI) The Chicago based collective group has dropped first single “290” Tuesday January 26th, and the EP KEWUZII is set for today January 29th.

First, In order to introduce dumb.intelligence it is important to note that they are not only a music group. They are a multi-faceted artist collective. The collective includes Musa Reems, and many other Chicago based artists. Since then it has grown beyond the city to members from Detroit, DMV, and Kansas City. These releases are just a small taste of the expansive group behind them. Creations of each project is organic meaning no project will include every member. It is all about feel, and who’s in the room at the moment.


“290” sets the tone as three members of DI trade verses, and each give the track their own personal flavor. It features Musa Reems, Wuzii Boi, and DBS Key, as they each lay out a smooth blend of layered instrumentation. Each phrase creates a cinema type landscape, as precisely placed percussion accompanies each loop. Each time the bass thuds one of these unique verses is displayed; starting with Musa’s low rumble, trading into Wuzii’s high energy, and closing off with Key’s effortlessly smooth flow.


The upcoming EP KEWUZII, set to release Friday, focuses in on the collaboration of DBS Key and Wuzii Boi. For the first two tracks Key and Wuzii settle into a rapper/producer relationship. They respectively, allow each to truly shine and display how they blend together. The final track of the EP “Warning Shots” includes Musa Reems, and introducing Wave, another member of DI. In essence, this EP and the single “290” truly represent what DI is about: working together. DI is more than just a group; it’s a family that has found each other through art. Everyone works together to reach the same goal, and it leads to some incredible results.

Check out Dumb Intelligence music below:

“290”  (single) –


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