Chicago Artist Nigel Displays His Versatility On “Quarantine Vol. 2: Still Blazing”

Chicago Artist Nigel Displays His Versatility On “Quarantine Vol. 2: Still Blazing”

Six months ago, Nigel stepped to the public with his first “Quarantine” tape, an eight-track display of the diverse signature sound that has separated him from the rest of Chicago. Even in the middle of a pandemic that is creeping up on a year, dropping a thirteen track follow-up this soon after takes a ton of work.

The second portion of Nigel’s “Quarantine” series is a massive step forward for him and his entire crew. Apart from taking on the responsibility of crafting a fully-realized front-to-back record, it also serves as a moment in time for a crew of rappers bringing a different sound to a city that has boxed itself in with an expectation of sound in rap for decades.

The “Quarantine Volumes” were started by Nigel to arrange a bunch of songs for people to listen to while quarantined, ironically he also recorded most if not all of Volume 1 & 2 while quarantined at home. “Volume 2 Still Blazing” turned out to be more than just a playlist, it turned into an album, A solid body of work that Nigel himself didn’t expect to make it as good as it became to be. In songs like “Still Running, Cielo, No Regrets, Safety Meeting” are songs that stand out because of the times that are presented to us now with Covid-19.

Other songs like “Too Long, Outside, The Swing, Jupiter Heights” represents a life we all want to get back to post Covid. The result is a great body of work you can enjoy for a while

Check out Nigel’s new project below!

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