[STREAM] Casscade x Raj Forever “Crazy Scenes

[STREAM] Casscade x Raj Forever “Crazy Scenes

North West London, UK rapper and creative Casscade recently released his new single ‘Crazy Scenes‘ Dropped on October 23rd this track features artist/producer Raj Forever and highly experienced producer Saint Cardona whose credits include: Young M.A, Five Foreign, Octavian, Mariah Angelica.

Also he has received co-signs from 4x Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Anthony Kilhoffer and UK’s Dj Semtex.

The term ‘Crazy Scenes’ is used consistently in the chorus, and the message it sends is looking back at the harsh environments the artists grew up in and where they are now. The track has a drill-type beat, along with Casscades bars a nice melody to go with it, and Raj Forever brings in a catchy hook to bring an overall good substance for listeners.

Stream ‘Crazy Scenes’ below

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