Blake Yung Teams up With Supah Mario for “Dronez”

Blake Yung Teams up With Supah Mario for “Dronez”

Blake Yung is a budding artist from South Carolina who has been residing in LA for two years now. Initially, Blake Yung used to go by “Capo Cheeze” before undergoing a rebrand into Blake Yung.

It was in these early stages of his career that Blake began cultivating a relationship with Supah Mario, who at the time was his neighbor in South Carolina. Before connecting on their newest release Dronez, Blake Yung, and Supah Mario have worked on a few previous singles – Euphoria & Picture Perfect.

Blake recently dropped his new single, Dronez. However, this single is a trippy, left-field song that is the first song off of his forthcoming project.

Leader of the Lost Souls is executive produced by Supah Mario, and Dronez is accompanied by a must-see visual.

Check out Dronez visual above and stream the new single below.


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