Get To Know Adaja White: Photographer and CEO of AWshotme

Get To Know Adaja White: Photographer and CEO of AWshotme

Adaja White is a photographer from Northern Virginia who moved to Miami, Florida in hopes of networking & enhancing her brand. As a young black mother moving to a new city the odds where already stacked heavily against Adaja yet she prevailed. Not only has Adaja become one of the top photographers in South Florida, she also opened her own studio in Miramar Florida this year. 

Learn more about Adaja White’s incredible story and her AWshotme brand below.

Photography began as just a hobby for Adaja, who began taking photos for friends who wanted to model or had clothing brands. Pushing Adaja to begin to take photography seriously. 

“I had a couple friends who wanted to model and some had clothing brands I took pictures of them and then it became a way I made money.”

Adaja’s friends would be proud to say that they inspired the owner of AWshotme LLC. AWshotme is named after Adaja White and is her freelance photography company which she started in 2016.

This year Adaja also opened her own studio in Miramar, Florida. Opening a studio is a major accomplishment, however Adaja has her mind on what’s next for the brand. When asked where does she see herself and her brand in the next 5 years, her response: 

“A storefront and then expanding into having my own AWshotme models. I want to learn videography so I can offer that with AWshotme. A Membership program where you pay and can have weekly shoots. Specifically for hair brands, boutiques, exotic dancers and anyone who needs content.”

Adaja on future plans for AWshotme

Adaja has already shot for Love and Hip Hop’s Nikki Natural, Sukihanna, Veronica Vega and artists such as Maine Laaveau, Pilly M.A.E, and Room 112. Already building an impressive resume in a short period of time. Adaja still has dreams of shooting for Ari, Dream Doll, KashDoll and JaydaWayda.

Sukihanna for AWshotme
Pilly M.A.E for AWshotme
Nikki Natural For AWshotme
Maine Laveau for AWshotme

While there are obviously challenges that come with being a Black woman in any industry, Adaja feels that being a Black woman in photography comes with an advantage:

“Personally I think it’s more of an advantage. More women are comfortable with a women photographer.”


Adaja White has successfully followed her dream of becoming a photographer and opening up her own studio. I asked her what advice would she give to the youth especially young black girls and she dropped off this gem: 

“Follow your dreams, all support is not good support. If you’re not supported by family and friends don’t stop it’s a million people rooting for you.”

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