Get To Know Jason Joven & Rutger Ansley Rosenborg Of Chartmetric, The Future of Hip-Hop & Data

Get To Know Jason Joven & Rutger Ansley Rosenborg Of Chartmetric, The Future of Hip-Hop & Data

Chartmertic is a website & app whose mission is to bridge data and creativity. According to Chartmetric’s website, “Chartmetric helps entertainment professionals make smarter and faster music business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals, in-depth insights, innovative features, and rockstar customer support.” They do this by measuring Cross-Platform Performance, tracking Playlist Journeys & neighboring artists with similar metrics through their 20+ data sources.

Chartmetric’s insight is extremely respected and valued amongst the music industry. Since its inception in 2015, Chartmetric has quickly forged partnerships with reputable music & talent agency powers such as 300 Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Live Nation, Roc Nation + More.

All this data driven work can only run smoothly if you have a solid team in place. I  got the chance to speak to two of the team’s top members, Jason Joven who is Chartmetric’s Manager of Content & Insights and Rutger Ansley Rosenborg, Chartmetric’s Digital Strategy Lead. We spoke about Chartmetric’s rise, their role in the company and why data will only become more impactful in the future.

Jason Joven is a Chicago native and received his bachelor from the University of Illinois before obtaining two master degrees at NYU.  Joven has interned for data teams at Warner Music Group, Live Nation and Songtrust. Rutger is a San Diego, California native who studied at both Stanford University and NYU. Rutger interned at two indie labels, a publishing company, wrote about some of his favorite bands as a music journalist for NBC, taught at a music school, helped grow a micro-VC investing in creative technologies all while being an indie artist for six years.

Jason’s and Rutger’s experience and versatile backgrounds, have allowed them to transition into their roles at Chartmetric effortlessly. In my conversation with Jason & Rutger they were able to explain Chartmetric’s functions as well as hip me to what the company has been working on and some of its future plans.

Chartmetric started out giving artists insight on playlists. Get to see other familiar artists, learn where potential fans are and see if you can capitalize. “For A&R’S looking for the next big artist our TikTok charts can help determine that. We’re a Swiss army knife when it comes to analytics.” Jason stated. 

“We provide all the info for people to take what they need from it. Whether it’s streaming charts or TikTok or finding similar artists to collaborate with. One thing we get confused with a lot is a playlist pitching service which is not what we do but you can use our platform to become more knowledgeable about the ecosystem.  The possibilities are super endless,” Rutger explained.

Recently Chartmetric has rolled out weekly charts for trending and all time top tracks so artists will be able to see what’s going viral from a video and track level. Rutger explains that “The nature of TikTok is important for the people in the industry to know what’s hot right now and what’s not”.

At the time of our conversation, Jason was fresh off of publishing his piece on young Hip-Hop enthusiast Ben Sauberman about “Youtube’s Impact On Today’s Hip-Hop With Ben Sauberman” . The article correlates with how users can interact with data on the Chartmetric platform.

Jason & Rutger we’re willing to give me some insight on their piece “Understanding Music Data Analytics: Tools of the Trade ”which was released in June. 

“We’re dropping a piece on analytical tools. What makes us special is a lot of data science  goes into it. We try to simplify in a way that’s easy to digest. We have a ranking called Cross-Platform Performance helping rank 2.3+ million artists to see how well their albums are doing and how many streams they receive. We’re going to keep expanding on that, get into live-streams, study TikToks and stay on top of what’s going on in the industry.”

Jason Joven

Chartmetic is attempting to shift how the music industry views data. It’s obvious how much data can help artists and labels to get a better understanding of what’s working for them and who’s checking for their music.

For those who still have doubts about the importance of data in music, Rutger had this to say: 

It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, streaming and datafication is relatively brand new, the analytics that come from that are young people so there are all types of avenues that will branch off. So artists need to understand that and always be looking for the future. Knowing and harnessing your data will help you as an independent artist because you don’t have to have someone tell you what to do. You can build leverage like you really never did before. Keep looking to the future and don’t be afraid of data; it won’t stop creation but will add on to it. Imagine an artist in the 80’s having a tape that a hipster kid in Japan is listening to, you would never know now you can see where your fans are coming from and run campaigns to increase your fans even more.”

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